An Animated Episodic Sitcom

Created by,
Jim Korhan

Writing Staff,
Jim Korhan, Debbie DeSantis, Dave Adduci, Josh Mahler, Dan Majka, Pat Clarke

LOGLINE: Small World is an animated comedy that takes place in a backwards city that is the total opposite of our society.

Small World is an animated sitcom created by Jim Korhan. The program is intended for mature audiences, and will be in the strictest sense a way to poke fun at society. It will be known for its crude and satirical humor that ridicules society. Small World, for the most part, is a controversial show along the lines of other animated programs such as: Family Guy, South Park, and Archer. At times, Small World may take it a step further and when that happens, the idea is for the viewer to see what kind of ridiculous world we live in. The ongoing narrative revolves around a local police department, a convenience store owner, a psychiatrist, many gangs and related civil liberty organizations.

Structurally, each season of Small World could be 9, 13 or 22 episodes and will be a continuous story similar to that of a soap opera. We will entice the viewers by leaving cliffhangers at the end of episodes from time-to-time. Each story ultimately spoofs on situations that some people would find offensive


In Season One, our heroes will consist of a police force that is led by a Chief-of-Police who is more concerned about watching his TV show than fighting crime. The officers that work under this chief are a melting pot of personalities. Such personalities include: a sociopathic cop who believes the world is trying to convert him, a K-9 cop with a sick fascination for his dog, a rookie cop with flatulence, an undercover cop with a sex addiction, and a level-headed officer who’s unsure of his sexual preference.


The show mostly follows a local police officer Tommy Toledo and his “close” friends and co-workers—Pakastani Pat, Dr. Won Ton Noodle, Tyrone, Malik, Jamal and the local police Chief Myanus Hurtsbad. The show follows the adventures they share in a fictional metropolis in an upside-down world. The city is also home to many gangs, hate groups and civil liberty unions. Prominent settings on the show include the Police Station, Dr. Won Ton Noodle’s office, Pakastani Pat’s Slow-Mart, and the compounds of the many gangs and organizations.

The world consists of regular-sized buildings and cars, but a majority of its inhabitants are midgets. They go through life like we do; only they use stilts to reach the gas pedal and milk crates to look over counters. These episodes revolve around an entire day starting out in the morning and ending in the evening. Each character will be involved in a conflict that has a beginning, middle, and most times an ending allowing for cliffhangers. This fictional metropolis is an upside-down world where being a gay midget is considered normal, and being tall or straight is frowned upon and thought of as immoral.

The fictional town is full of corruption and hate which is the complete opposite of the real life world we live in. There are a number of gangs, organized crime units, and different ethnic groups. For example, in our world the Amish Mafia replace the Italian Mafia, the Hairheads replace the Skins Heads, the Swazi’s replace the Nazi’s, and PEDA replaces PETA.



TOMMY TOLEDO: is a sociopathic police officer who believes, in his own mind, that other cultures are trying to convert him and the rest of society. Tommy takes the law into his own hands and blames a fictional group of Nuns for causing his atrocities. Due to the war with the Nuns Tommy has lost partner after partner and many civilian casualties have accumulated at their expense. Though Tommy has created these atrocities, the Chief-of-Police has high regards for Tommy. When Tommy is not trying to be “a good guy” he’s romantically linked to a local business owner, Pakistani Pat.

DR. WON TON NOODLE: is a residential psychiatrist to the police force. He specifically likes to bring in patients who he can make fun of and use their mental and psychiatric issues as a sick form of entertainment. He also has a childish tendency to harass Pakistani Pat in order to win the love and affection of Tommy Toledo. He likes to surround himself with an entourage of weirdo’s and misfits to do his dirty work and boost his ego.

PAKISTANI PAT: is an overbearing, codependent individual who owns a convenience store. Pat often has explosive episodes of panic due to the danger of Tommy Toledo’s job. Pat is thrifty and will go out of his way to save a buck by rewrapping expired meats, painting rotted fruits and vegetables to look like new, selling chalk and water mixtures known as “milk”, and hiring a young Polish boy who works for buttons.

CHIEF MYANUS HURTSBAD: has a bad case of ADHD and speaks relatively like J. Jonah Jameson, which is so fast it is hard to understand him. The Chief is addicted to his favorite television show All My Chocolate, which is essentially a show within a show about a gay black couple living the in South with frequent guest celebrities appearing such as Colin Powell and Billy Dee Williams. He only likes to work during the commercial breaks and more times than not he’s interrupted by either by an officer or a breaking news story which greatly annoys him.


JAMAL: is an undercover police officer who never looks anything like the character he is supposed to portray. He’s currently in a relationship with Bla Bla that is on the rocks because of his sexual addiction and obsession over the artist Prince. He will go out of his way to dress, act, and speak like him.  Jamal and Bla Bla seem to find their way into the hospital quite often, due to the anal trauma that Jamal causes Bla Bla.

TYRONE: is a good, yet level-headed cop who seems to have conflicted feelings as to if he is straight or not. Unbeknownst to even him, Tyrone finds himself to be the only officer on the force who has never been romantically involved and he makes sure that he does not let anyone know of his sexual preference.

MALIK: is Tyrones partner on the force and best friend. He is completely overweight with an obnoxiously tall, box haircut. Malik has an unusually close relationship to his K-9 Daschund Chipper.

GUS: who suffers from continuous flatulence, is an overweight rookie cop. Gus was brought on as personal security for Tommy due to the recent string of Nun attacks.

WARSAW: an employee of Pakistani Pat, is a dim-witted individual who works for buttons and is a self-proclaimed Jeopardy Champion. He is not the brightest bulb and is often times taken advantage of by Pat, the customers, and the government.



To rid the world of digital watches.

BDOLF SHISTLER: the leader of the Swazi’s, resembles a blonde Hitler but is more eccentric. While his goal is to rid the world of digital watches, his addiction to butter can sometimes interfere with that goal and put both him and his men in hot water with the Amish Mafia.

SGT JEWBACCA: Bdolf’s right-hand man, is the eyes and ears of the organization during Bdolf’s time in exile.


Has many sources of income that includes the butter trade, raising barns, and Plow Racing. Buggies are their mode of transportation and muskets are their form of weaponry.

THE AMISH FATHER: resembling Don Vito Corleone, is the incoherent leader who has a big “A” on his chest, similar to Jor El from Superman.

GABRIEL: one of the Amish Father’s two main goons, helps control the butter trade. He has the Vincent Vega mullet, a thick brown beard, wears the usual Amish attire with a black vest, white button-up shirt, and black suspenders.

JEREMIAH: with the Jules Winnfield afro and thick red beard, is the other main goon to the Amish Father. He works side-by-side with Gabriel controlling the butter trade but also runs the Plow Racing. He also wears the same Amish attire as Gabriel.


A group of 80’s glamour rockers, go out of their way to play video games, eat pizza, and target minority cultures that don’t live their fun, laid-back lifestyle. Their goal is to intimidate and eliminate and are willing to do anything it takes to achieve that goal. They are known for using such weapons as mascara chucks and giant cans of hairspray.

P.P. DEVILLE: the fearless leader, speaks in a high- pitched voice and will burst into tune occasionally for emphasis of certain words.

RICK ALLEN: the enforcer of the organization, has one arm and a stump with a drum stick in it and a miniature drum strapped to his back. As the muscle, he is willing to do anything to keep P.P. Deville happy.


Disguises themselves in black robes with black pointy hoods. They hate everyone and have no direction. They intimidate their victims by using frozen crosses and mumbling under their hoods. Members themselves have no idea why they hate these people, they just follow their leader.

DUKE DAVID: the leader of the C.C.C., has a secret admiration for all the culture minorities which embarrasses him. He brainwashed his group of followers into carrying out this hatred. He is normally not understood because of the mumbling, but when he lifts his hood, he talks in a black 80’s jive.


Have monopolized the slave trade. They carry Uzi's and wear Armani suits. They are mistaken for being nice Immigrants, but their main source of income is through the slave and drug trade. They are led by the mysterious “Mr. X”.

CHOW MEIN: the face of Mr. X’s army, is known as the head liaison. He passes along all of Mr. X’s decisions.

SGT TSO: is the underling to Chow Mein, also known to be the muscle of the group.


Is a strong, influential group that is easily offended and uses “Albino Rights” as a cover-up to censor everything they don’t agree with. There are four men who will do things to get attention for them and not care about their community.

LOUIS FARAFROST: the leader the Nation of Albinos, wants to rid the world of television and radio programs that he deems as offensive. He’s always looking for donations from his followers, which consist of the poor members of the Albino community, to support his fashion habits that include his tailored cream suits.

MALCOM Z: an old, narcoleptic cronie who speaks like William Shatner and makes no sense.

JESSIE FAGSTON: uses alleged Albino racism to obtain his goals, such as wanting to rid the world of offensive video games and anything that has to do with fun. He is in direct conflict with the Hairheads.

OWL FARTON: is a compulsive, overweight liar who’s confined to a wheelchair. His agenda is to rid the world of food and lay with as many chubby-chasing men as he can.


A misunderstood organization consisting of peaceful, laid-back surfers. They walk around in parkas, carry surfboards, and talk in a Hawaiian surfer language. There’s a small group of bandits in this organization that go against the order, and it gives the E.W.O. a bad reputation.

MAGNUM SELLECK: resembling Tom Selleck with chest hair sticking out of his parka, is the elder leader of the Eskimo World Order.

PATRICK SCHAYZE: is secretly the leader of a rebellious group of Eskimos who rob banks, surf, and run around disguised as former First Ladies.


WHEELCHAIR WILLIE: a disabled war veteran who is confined to a wheelchair. He is constantly insulted and abused by the other members of society.

LITTLE FLOWER FAG: a flamboyant man, who resembles Donald Trump, owns almost every business in town. He has his own TV show called “Your Hired” and has raised the ire of Tommy Toledo who thinks Little Flower Fag wants to take over the world and spread his straightness.

KONNAN & JUVENTUD: are partners in the police district and happen to be the arch-enemy of Tyrone and Malik who they feel are holding them back from becoming Mounties. They are proud Canadians who wear sombreros, ponchos, and share a K-9 Chiuaua named Taco.

BLA BLA: whose only words are “Bla Bla” is Jamal’s love interest and only Jamal understands him. He will never appear on screen, he is mostly just heard by way of phone conversations.


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A metropolis full of gay, racist, straight-o-phobe, politically incorrect midgets
living in a backwards city plagued with criminal organizations and a useless police force.

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