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Small World is an animated sitcom intended for mature audiences and will be in the strictest
sense a way to poke fun at society. Small World uses social commentary as the main plot point.
It will be known for its crude and satirical humor that ridicules society.

The world consists of regular-sized buildings and cars, but a majority of its inhabitants are midgets.
They go through life like we do; only they use stilts to reach the gas pedal and milk crates to look
over counters. This fictional Metropolis is an upside-down world where being a gay midget is considered
normal, and being tall or straight is frowned upon and thought of as immoral.

The ongoing narrative revolves around a local police department, a sadistic psychiatrist, a paranoid
convenience store owner, many gangs, and related civil liberty organizations based in a fictional town.
Each story ultimately spoofs on situations that some people would deem offensive. In Season One, our heroes
will consist of a police force that is led by Officer Tommy Toledo, a sociopathic killer who feels his actions
are justified because those who are different are trying to convert him and their world. There’s a Chief who
is more concerned about watching his TV shows than fighting crime. The officers that work under this Chief
are a melting pot of personalities. Such personalities include: a K-9 cop with a sick fascination for his dog,
a rookie cop with flatulence, an undercover cop with a sex addiction, and a level-headed officer who's unsure
of his sexual preference.

A metropolis full of gay, racist, straight-o-phobe, politically incorrect midgets
living in a backwards city plagued with criminal organizations and a useless police force.

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